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    Greatly enjoyed your post (as always) as well as the valuable resources you have listed here. Healthcare and Life Sciences companies would do well to learn from best practices in Social Media from leaders in Retail and Consumer Products re: engaging Consumers in entirely new ways leveraging Social Media, that enable novel forms of value creation and Return-on-Investment (ROI).
    I have elucidated this thru my ‘7 stage lifecycle of Customer Engagement’ in my recent blogpost – 

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    Hi Andy,

    Thank you so much, and thank you for sharing your valuable blogpost, “7 stage lifecycle of Customer Engagement.” –

    It’s very detailed and offers an abundance of helpful information.

    To quote from your post, “this and the previous blogpost has presented a new and innovative model for engaging customers leveraging social media and mobility platforms and tools that are being deployed by leaders in retail and consumer products. These models show enormous promise, value, return-on-investment (ROI) potential and present new and novel opportunities for life sciences and healthcare technology companies to engage patients, physicians, clinicians, nurses and other healthcare stakeholders and also bring health-sciences innovation to market.”

    Well done!



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    Social media is here to stay. I see such reluctance on the part of hospitals and health care providers to join in. But I believe that much of the reluctance is the usual fear of the unknown. When handled professionally, social media can certainly be a benefit to the health system in it’s ability to quickly disseminate information among peers and those looking for information. Your piece is a great resource for those wanting to get started in this endeavor. 


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    Hi Chris,
    Thanks so much. Yes, I agree–social media can benefit the health system and it is very easy to quickly spread information. Social Media is a phenomenal platform. It’s important that health providers share accurate and trustworthy information. Social Media is its infancy and I think we’ve only skimmed the surface. Thanks again and yes, the list offers some very useful resources.

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