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The Sharecare awards finalists have been announced by Sharecare Inc., and now you can vote for your favorite entries. There are 59 category finalists in the fourth annual Sharecare Awards. The Sharecare Awards is held in association with The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, New York Chapter, which inspires artistic and technical excellence through the renowned Emmy® Award.

It’s a first-of-its-kind awards competition honoring the best in health and wellness related programming across broadcast and digital media. The Sharecare Awards embody the spirit of “sharing care.” Furthermore, the Sharecare Awards is a world-wide competition.

15 Categories

The Sharecare Awards honors productions across 15 categories that represent the diversity of experiences shaping consumers’ health and lives today.

Academy of Judges

All entries were reviewed by Sharecare’s esteemed Academy of Judges, which is comprised of 15 renowned experts in health and media, and their juries.

This year’s finalists distinguish themselves not only by the excellence of their submissions, but also by the passion and dedication they demonstrate for advancing the health and well-being of others.

Donna Hill Howes, RN, MS, Chief nursing officer and senior vice president of corporate partnerships at Sharecare, INC.

Vote now through July 12th

Each year, the Sharing Care Award is conferred upon the finalist that receives the most votes from the general public. During a two-week voting period beginning today, anyone can vote for their favorite entrant in each category; only one vote may be cast per person, per category each day of the voting period ending Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

Sharecare Awards Category Finalists

Category finalists are from established health and media organizations to individuals making a difference.

Behavioral/Mental Health

  • “The Trauma Basket,” by Dr. Julie Smith
  • “1 in 4 Mental Health,” by Dr. Julie Smith
  • “From Depression to a New Light,” by Loma Linda University Health
  • “Problems Are Painful, Stories Are Suffering,” by Mitch Wallis


  • “Cancer Symptoms and Signs,” by AbrahamThePharmacist
  • “Hope is Here: Episode 4” South Florida PBS’ Health Channel
  • “Hope is Here: Episode 5” South Florida PBS’ Health Channel
  • “Dear Recipient,” The University of Kansas Health System


  • “Home Alone Alliance’s Family Caregiving How-to Video Series on Pain Management,” by AARP
  • “How to Help Loved Ones Struggling With Mental Illness,” by Dr. Sue Varma
  • “Kimo & Jazz,” by Mutual Rescue
  • “CrashCourse: Concussion Story Wall,” by TeachAids

Children’s Health

  • “‘Safer, Smarter Kids’ Grade 2, Lesson 1 – Reimagined,” by Lauren’s Kids
  • “Ricki Rae’s Story,” by Loma Linda University Health
  • “Sunnye Says Series: It’s Safe to Vaccinate & Halloween Safety,” by The University of Kansas Health System
  • “Beads of Courage,” by UC Davis Health

Chronic Conditions

  • “How Donating Blood Helps Your Community,” by American Red Cross
  • “Cori’s Story,” by Special Olympics
  • “Diabetes: Detection,” by The American Diabetes Association
  • “Hollywood Actor’s New Role,” by The University of Kansas Health System

COVID Care & Pandemic Response

  • “Pfizer COVID vaccine information,” by AbrahamThePharmacist
  • “Life on the Line – Season 6,” by Mound City Films
  • “Church Becomes Weekly COVID-19 Clinic,” by UC Davis Health
  • “Parallel Pandemics Podcast,” by Wellstar Health System

Disruptors in Healthcare

  • “How Special Olympics is Working to End Health Disparities for People with Intellectual Disabilities,” by Special Olympics
  • “Morning Medical Update: COVID Fuels Demand for a Breast Cancer Treatment,” by The University of Kansas Health System
  • “Turning Tarantula Venom into Pain Relief,” by UC Davis Health
  • “REACH: Advancing Central California Health with New Medical School Pathway,” by UC Davis Health

Health Activism

  • “Shaun Brennan’s 500th Blood Donation,” by American Red Cross
  • “Here’s What Happens When A Doctor Lies,” by Dr. Mike Media
  • “‘Safer, Smarter Kids’ Grade 1, Lesson 1 – Reimagined,” by Lauren’s Kids
  • “Kimo & Jazz,” by Mutual Rescue

Health/Science: News

  • “Stress in America – an all time high,” by Dr. Sue Varma
  • “Why we need to be stigma free in our mental health discussions,” by Dr. Sue Varma
  • “Beads of Courage,” by UC Davis Health
  • “Oak Park Rotary House,” by UC Davis Health

Health/Science: Program/Special

  • “Fast-Forward,” by FLX Entertainment / Twin Cities PBS
  • “Life on the Line – Season 6,” by Mound City Films
  • “Stories of Impact: Human Flourishing,” by Rebel Media Productions
  • “Stories of Impact: Listening in a Polarized World,” by Rebel Media Productions

Healthy Living

  • “High blood pressure risks and how healthy living can help reduce BP,” by AbrahamThePharmacist
  • “Adapting to Dive,” by DiveHeart
  • “Living Well with Schizophrenia,” by Living Well with Schizophrenia
  • “Healthy Food, Stronger Economy,” by UC Davis Health

Men’s Health

  • “My Adversity is My Advantage | Blake Leeper,” by Dr. Adam Dorsay
  • “Make Men’s Health a Priority,” by Dr. Sue Varma
  • “Legacy’s Website,” by Give Legacy, Inc.
  • “Kimo & Jazz,” by Mutual Rescue

Pet Health

  • “Comfort and Support: Red Cross dogs help service members at Walter Reed,” by American Red Cross
  • “Kimo & Jazz,” by Mutual Rescue
  • “Pet Acupuncture,” by Triune Integrative Medicine

Social Storyteller

  • “Take a Dive,” by DiveHeart
  • “Legacy Instagram,” by Give Legacy, Inc.
  • “Living Well with Schizophrenia,” by Living Well with Schizophrenia
  • “Social Storyteller: Cheryl Dowling,” by the IVF Warrior

Women’s Health

  • “Go Red for Women,” by American Heart Association
  • “Periods and Patrakaars,” by Boondh
  • “Your First Mammogram: Step-by-Step Guide,” by HealthyWomen
  • “How To Avoid Falls in Your Home,” by HealthyWomen

Sharing Care

“As the caliber of participants grows increasingly competitive every year, it’s an honor to provide a platform to celebrate these important voices – large and small – who are so fiercely committed to ‘sharing care,'” said Donna Hill Howes in a news release.

View each finalist—Cast your vote

View each finalist and cast your vote for the Sharing Care Award at

2022 Winners will be announced in October

Winners of the 2022 Sharecare Awards, including the Sharing Care Award and other special awards for individual impact and community well-being improvement, will be announced during a virtual celebration in October held across social media platforms.


In conclusion, take this opportunity to share your vote. You have until July 12th. As a category chairperson, and judge, I’m always in awe of the entries. I hope the entries move you. Enjoy!

In 30 Words

It’s your turn to vote! Honoring the best in health/wellness related programming across broadcast and digital media, the Sharecare Awards embody the spirit of “sharing care.”

Operated through the Sharecare Foundation, the Sharecare Awards are a nonprofit entity that Sharecare established solely in support of this awards program. Sharecare (Nasdaq: SHCR), is the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place.

More information about the Sharecare Awards is available at

About The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York Chapter

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York Chapter, founded in 1955, is the preeminent membership organization serving media professionals by offering career enhancing events and networking opportunities. New York NATAS fosters creativity and inspires artistic and technical excellence through the renowned Emmy® Award, the coveted peer-recognition symbol of distinction in regional television.

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