Emergency Medicine Resident at George Washington University Hospital Chooses Healthin30 for Mini-Fellowship in Medical Journalism

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

(Editor’s Note: Update August 16, 2013- Correction

I’d like to clarify this post. Justin Larkin, MD is an emergency medicine resident at The George Washington University Hospital, however the mini-fellowship is a curriculum requirement at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Please see revised post here.)

Justin Larkin, MD

Justin Larkin, MD


Mini Fellowship in Medical Journalism and Health Communications

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to a new member of the Healthin30 team. As part of a mini-fellowship requirement at the George Washington University Hospital, Dr. Justin Larkin, Senior Emergency Medicine Resident has chosen Healthin30 as a media platform in medical journalism and health and medical communications. Dr. Larkin will be working with founder, Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA.

Learning the different types of media and how to apply them specifically to the field of medicine is of great interest to Dr. Larkin. The residents at the George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine complete a “mini-fellowship” project in any topic of their choice as a means to discover and explore their interests.

The George Washington University Hospital Curriculum Philosophy

We believe our residency provides a wide range of patient care experiences to best prepare you for the generalist nature of emergency medicine. Most training occurs under the auspices of the ED, with strategic off service rotations that are high-yield and relevant. We have an emphasis on critical care, and also provide at least one block of pediatric training per year in addition to the pediatric cases in the ED. The clinical activities are designed to complement the formal didactic components in our residency and independent learning activities as well.

In addition to becoming terrific emergency physicians, our residents learn to find their own “niche” our area of interest within emergency medicine. We feel strongly that this helps our graduates have successful careers with a high degree of professional satisfaction. We accomplish this by giving ample elective time, introducing our residents to subspecialty and administrative areas within Emergency Medicine, and giving protected academic time. All our residents complete a “mini-fellowship” project in any topic of their choice as a means to discover and explore their interests.

To accomplish all this, we offer our curriculum in a four year format. We believe this is the best way to master the breadth and depth of our specialty. We also believe it allows time for other professional activities that will prepare you for a fulfilling, lifelong career in the dynamic field of Emergency Medicine. (Source)

“The role of the mini-fellowship project in the fourth year is to take that interest and turn that into an area of expertise. In the past people have written books, traveled internationally, completed research, or created curriculum for future classes of medical students,” said Dr. Larkin in an email. “The options are endless and include anything that the resident can think of. For me, Medical Journalism is what I am interested in. Therefore I am exploring this topic and creating a niche for myself. Healthin30.com is a perfect format to gain experience in this genre. I will be able to write, publish and explore many facets that encompass medical journalism.”

Welcome Dr. Larkin

Welcome Dr. Larkin! I’m honored that you have chosen to learn from Healthin30 for your “mini-fellowship” requirement. I’m looking forward to working with you and mentoring you in the field of health and medical communications.


About Justin Larkin, MD

Dr. Justin Larkin is currently a Senior Emergency Medicine Resident in Washington, D.C. at the George Washington University Hospital. Dr. Larkin completed his undergraduate work at the University of California at Berkeley. He then went on to complete his medical degree at the George Washington University. During his Emergency Residency, Dr. Larkin developed an interest in medical journalism and now is in the process of exploring different types of medical media at Healthin30.com. His interests are in the dissemination of information to the masses of both sides of the bedside, the physician experience and the patient experience.

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