Happiness: 3 Tips for a Spectacular YOU

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

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You know that person you work with, the one that always seems to be in a bad mood, the one that never smiles, the one that never has a nice thing to say and complains about every little thing.  The person that  just seems miserable. Well, I don’t think any of us would say, “Oh, I want to be just like her or him!”

A Spectacular YOU!

Think about the person who attracts you and who you want to be around. It’s the person that’s full of life, who is happy, grateful and who can always find kind words to say and share a smile. They are the person with that contagious smile that radiates and instantly lifts your spirits, the type of person who is sure of themselves and who isn’t afraid to say “no.”

As individuals, WE are unique and we have the ability to build a life filled with passion, purpose, happiness and vitality. By taking the goodness and strength that lies within us, we can become a positive magnet for others.

3 Simple Tips for a Spectacular YOU

  1. Say NO… Some individuals want to please everyone. They say yes to everyone and everything, afraid of offending someone if they say no. And yet, by saying yes to everything, that can cause stress, worry and wreak havoc on their health. It’s okay to say no. Decide what’s important to you. If you’re being pulled in so many directions, prioritize what’s important to you. You can be an engaged employee, a super parent, friend and spouse, but learn that your needs are important also, and that it’s impossible to please everyone. Write a list of all the requests, invites and demands and cross off the ones that you can really do without.
  2. Smile … It’s great for the mind, body and spirit. Smiling is so simple, and it makes us feel good. A smile that radiates can be contagious. It’s time to take control, be in charge and understand that the simple things in life can be most rewarding and healthful. Smiling doesn’t cost a thing and it lifts your spirit and brings happiness to you and others around you.
  3. Focus on YOU … People today have so many demands and responsibilities that they can easily become tangled in situations that can wreak havoc on their health. The drama can completely overpower their lives. They become intertwined in so many areas, they forget about themselves. It’s important to make time for YOU. Try something out of the ordinary, and something out of your comfort zone. It can be exciting and it can help keep stress and worry down. It can be anything from learning a new language, taking a writing class, keeping a journal, participating in a triathlon, learning to crochet or taking a cooking class. Try the opposite of what you typically do. If you’re in business, engage in the creative end of things. Maybe you can take an acting class, an art class or join a volunteer organization that assists people in need. If you’re in health care; try the business end of this. Learn about the stock market, the latest trends on Wall Street or volunteer to speak at you your next community event. The point is to step outside your comfort zone. It creates excitement and gets you jazzed and it can allow you to stay balanced and worry free. Trying new things will help you grow and become a spectacular YOU!

What are your tips for being happy? Do you attract others into your circles? Do you say “yes” to everything? Do you step out of your comfort zone? Do you smile easily or do you find yourself with a frown. Who would you rather be around? What tips do you have?

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