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By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

Thank you to everyone who submitted posts for Grand Rounds. I greatly appreciate it.  Grand Rounds is a summary of the best health care writing online.  It features stories, opinions and analysis from doctors, nurses, patients, researchers and administrators, as well as journalists.  This edition features health care technology blogs from industry experts.  I explored the web searching for blogs that I feel are worthwhile to read.  If your submission was not technology related, it may be featured in a future post.  Thank you for your time.

10 Best Health Care Technology Blogs:

1.  Eric J. Topol, MD, Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute, Chief Academic Officer, Scripps Health, The Gary and Mary West Endowed Chair of Innovative Medicine and Professor of Genomics, The Scripps Research Institute

Blog: Topolog
Post: Talking about a (healthcare) revolution: The digital age ushers in precision medicine

“The digital age is revolutionizing the healthcare paradigm by replacing an archaic and wasteful population-based model with precision medicine. Technology now enables us to digitize the human being. Is the medical community flexible enough to accept change? What are your thoughts?” Full Post>

2.  Joseph C. Kvedar, MD, Founder and Director of the Center for Connected Health, a Division of Partners HealthCare, and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School

Blog: The cHealth Blog
Post: Context is Everything

“A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with an innovative company about a new product.  I make it a policy not to endorse any particular company or product on this blog, so this is not an endorsement.  Rather it is a fascinating story that tells us lots about human nature and gives us clues on how we should design healthcare programs, apps, etc. as we move into the world of patient engagement and accountability…” Full Post>

3.  Paul Sonnier, Vice-President of Partner Development at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA), Managing Director, Wireless Health Strategies and Founder, Wireless Health group on Linkedin [Editor’s Note:  March 18, 2012 Paul Sonnier is presently Head of Digital Health Strategy, Popper & Company, Founder, Wireless Health Group on Linkedin and Mentor, Blueprint Health]

[Paul is former VP of Partner Development at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA), and former Managing Director, Wireless Health Strategies]

Blog: The Wireless Health Blog
Post: Digital Meets Health

“In terms of how the overall ecosystem and, in particular, businesses are leveraging digital, wireless, and mobile, there are varying schools of thought and analyses – not surprisingly, the prism one views it through shapes the assessment.  For some analysts, like John Moore at Chilmark Research, the feeling is that “mHealth” is stuck in neutral. But this perspective is often colored by the framework of mHealth being mostly about health apps and mobile tools in healthcare settings and in population health management, and about smartphone health apps for consumers.”  Full Post>

4.  David Lee Scher, MD, is a former cardiologist and founder at DLS Healthcare Consulting, where he assists mHealth companies and partnering providers, institutions, and companies with a clinical perspective.

Blog: The Digital Health Corner
Post: Five Ways in Which mHealth is like the Senior Prom

“…Mobile health will be a game changer for healthcare. It will change the way in which patients think about themselves; No longer a passive player, but the place from which information flows. Its coming out needs to be just as orchestrated, with quality deliverables and all plans made. The chaperones need to be there (payers, providers).”  Full Post>

5.   Geeta Nayyar, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, AT&T-  blogs at Networking Exchange (AT&T), a place for business professionals to learn, share and engage with networking experts on advancing business goals through technology innovation.

Blog: Networking Exchange
Post: Cloud and Healthcare: Embracing Innovation (Part 1)

“One of the most important ways that technology and communications networks are helping improve the state of healthcare is to make it easier for providers to work as a team instead of as individual practitioners operating in silos. Having access to the “cloud” is vital to this new teamwork approach. But you have to have the right cloud to deal with healthcare’s unique challenges…”  Full Post>

6.  Jon Linkous, CEO American Telemedicine Association (ATA)

Blog: LinkousThink
Post: Seven Market Trends

“…It’s been the Holy Grail for telemedicine in America. But the rapid growth of managed care, Accountable Care Organizations and medical homes are changing the way telemedicine services are paid, away from the fee for service model…”  Full Post>

7.   Brian Dolan, Editor, MobiHealthNews

Blog: MobiHealthNews
Post: Walgreens app adds pill reminders, Rx transfer

“Retail pharmacy chain Walgreens added two new features to its mobile health app: medication reminders and prescription transfers via barcode scans. Without citing specific numbers — other than that its mobile user base was in the millions — Walgreens said adoption of its mobile apps grew 500 percent last year…”  Full Post>

8.  Ted Eytan, MD, Director at Kaiser Permanente, and family physician with an interest in patient empowerment and patient-centered health information technology.

Blog: TedEytan
Post: Now Reading: About today’s Health Affairs study, HIT, EHRs, and impact on test ordering

“This study, being released to the public at the exact same time of this blog post, should generate healthy discussion about whether health information technology, fully implemented, is going to deliver on one of the biggest promises made: reduced ordering of unnecessary tests…”  Full Post>

9.  Bill Crounse, MD, Senior Director, Worldwide Health Microsoft Corporation
Blog: Health Blog
Post: Making health services more accessible and affordable to more people

“…with commodity high-speed Internet connectivity and a variety of solutions like Kinect for XBOX, Skype, or Lync that can deliver video conferencing into the home, I foresee a day when bringing a medical or other expert into your living room for a consultation may become as commonplace as ordering up a movie on Xfinity or Netflix…”  Full Post>

10.  Matthew Holt, Founder TheHealthCareBlog, and Co-Founder Health 2.0

Blog: TheHealthCareBlog
Post: Engaging “The” Patient by Adrian Gropper

“The digital identity of patients will come to the fore as the nationwide health information network (NwHIN) takes practical steps to support care coordination, patient engagement and quality transparency. These changes in health care delivery are the essential foundation for cost containment and arguably the essence of Meaningful Use…”  Full Post>

Thank you again for taking the time to engage in Grand Rounds.  I hope you enjoyed this selection of health and medical blogs which focus on health care technology.

Your turn

We would love to hear your insightful thoughts in the comment section below.  As always, thank you for your valuable time.

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