Social Media and Health IT – List of HIT100 Winners

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

Healthcare IT News recently published the winners of #HIT100.  The #HIT100 is a crowd-sourced list of the most influential individuals or organizations who contribute to the advancement of health care technology through social media.

Nominated by their peers, winners are Twitter users active in the health IT (#HealthIT) and social media (#HITsm) space.

Michael Planchart, enterprise healthcare architect at Perficient, and blogger at The EHR Guy is the creator of #HIT100.

A list of 20 of the #HIT100 winners are found here:

  • @ahier
  • @janicemccallum
  • @2healthguru
  • @HITAdvisor
  • @jonmertz
  • @harrygreenspun
  • @todd_park
  • @Perficient_HC
  • @kathymccoy
  • @pjmachado
  • @erikpupo
  • @lizasisler
  • @ MatthewBrowning
  • @Wayne_Oliver
  • @thegr8chalupa
  • @atul_gawande
  • @BarbaraFicarra
  • @EricTopol
  • @annelizhannan
  • @HIMSS

I’m honored and delighted to have been nominated by my peers and named one of the #HIT100, coming in at number 63.  Thank you for your support.

Find the complete list and the full article published in Healthcare IT News here.

Congratulations to all.

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