Safeguard your Children from Bullying

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA of Health in 30™

Bullying, it’s not just a part of growing up. It’s a major problem in the US, and according to Dr. Sheryl Harmer of the Committee for Children, 160,000 children miss school every day because of bullying.


  • Always have an on-going respectful relationship with your children.
  • Always talk with your children.
  • Always be engaging and listen to your children.
  • Empower you children.
  • Teach your children to be proactive.
  • Teach empathy towards others.
  • Teach your children to report any bullying.
  • Validate your children’s feelings.
  • Teach your children to be assertive.
  • Encourage your children to have a circle of friends.
  • Adults, be a model of appropriate behavior.
  • Don’t confront the parents of bullies; it could lead to retaliation and revenge.
  • Get the school involved. Adults at the school may not be aware it’s happening.
  • Teach the “bystanders” to be proactive. Bullying is not okay. Take the power away from the bully.
  • All adults at schools should be trained in bully prevention.
  • Learn to be assertive, not aggressive.
  • Learn friendship skills.
  • If your child is bullied, teach your child to stand up tall, square his or her shoulders, look that bully right in the eye and tell him to stop.
  • Don’t get physical; don’t get angry, that will only fuel the fire.
  • Hold your head up high and walk away.
  • Always, always, always tell an adult.

Bullying isn’t only happening on the playgrounds, it’s happening behind closed doors on the computer. Cyberbullying is a form of harassment and intimidation and it can be just as devastating as any other form of bullying. Children, always hold your head up high and parents always talk with your children!

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    The best way to deal with bullying is to let every kid know right away that you won’t deal with it. And it’s important to educate kids. Kids need to understand the reasons behind bullying. They need to know that they should never blame the victim. They need to know it is not their fault when they are bullied, and how they should handle the bullying if it occurs. For further knowledge on how you can protect your children. You can visit this link, and you might find it interesting:

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