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Healthin30 on KOMO News Radio Seattle, WA Shares Tips About Reading Food Labels

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 17:18 No Comments

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA
I was thrilled to take the other end of the microphone as guest expert for quick healthy living spot on KOMO News Radio in Seattle, WA, thanks to Matthew Holt and courtesy of The Health Care Blog.
I talked with hosts John and Nancy about the importance of reading the ingredients […]

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FDA Gets Tough With Misleading Front Food Labels

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 19:26 4 Comments

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

The next time you head down the food aisle, check out the front food labels.
The front of food labels or front-of-packages (FOP) are misleading and often confusing, leading the consumer to believe that the food they are about to buy is healthy, when in fact it is not.
In a recent […]

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