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Writing blog entries or articles for

We’re always looking for experts in a variety of specialties to share their perspectives and knowledge. Our blog covers a wide range of topics with brief, timely items. Articles are usually longer and more comprehensive. See below for guidelines.

WRITING GUIDELINES FOR HEALTHIN30.COM is dedicated to providing the most accurate and reliable health and medical information to our audience. We invite qualified health and medical professionals to “tell their story” and educate consumers via articles or blog entries.

For articles

Articles are usually longer than blog entries and cover a topic in some detail. Please keep the following in mind when you submit an article:

  1. Articles can cover specific diseases and conditions, the latest research or medical news, cutting edge technology or trends in clinical treatment.
  2. Write about what you know and what you want the consumer to learn about.
  3. Write in a clear style and avoid jargon. Use specifics and examples to illustrate points.
  4. Write in short paragraphs or in bulleted “tip” form.
  5. Length: 500 to 1,500 words
  6. Include references at the end of the article if you cite published research or information.
  7. Follow the AMA Manual of Style, 9th Edition.

To see articles previously published on, visit our article library.

For guest blog entries

Blog entries are different from articles–blog readers tend to be “skimmers” who prefer their material short and easy to read. Blog entries are usually more personal and include links to outside information sources.

Please take note of the following as you write guest blog entries.

  1. Own your voice and write like you speak. Be engaging, clear and specific.
  2. Share your personal expertise and experience. Write from your heart and address readers directly.
  3. Keep posts between 200 and 700 words.
  4. Use bullets or lists to make your entry easier for readers to “scan.”
  5. Include live hyperlinks that point readers to credible, useful information on other websites.
  6. Photos bring blogs to life. Look for royalty-free images on the web.

Regardless of whether you’re submitting an article or blog entry, please note the following:

  • Submit the item in Microsoft Word document form, single spaced.
  • Submit a bio of no more than 200 words and a photo in jeg format.
  • By submitting the entry and any related images you are vouching that it is original, that you hold the copyright to the content and that it has not been published previously.

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