Infomercial Health Products: Buyer Beware

Turn on the TV and you’ll likely you’ll be bombarded with ads for dietary supplements that promise you more energy and easy weight loss. These ads may capture your attention, but they rarely give you the complete picture.

Some of these advertised products may increase your blood pressure or your heart rate, or interact with your current medications. It’s important to note that the FDA does not regulate many of these products, and the ingredients in them can y be dangerous.

Simply reading the ingredients may not be enough–some of those pleasant sounding ingredients are stimulants.

Remember, to always be in charge of your health, speak up and if you have any questions about a product, always talk with your doctor or health care professional.

Remember: Pevention … it begins with you!

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This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical condition. You should promptly seek professional medical care if you have any concern about your health. Always consult your physician before making any changes to your medical regimen.

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