Buying Medications Online Can Be Dangerous

If you have a computer chances are your inbox is flooed with information about purchasing medications online fast and cheap! Don’t fall for it. Buying medications online can be dangerous and can put your health at risk, and simply isn’t good medicine if you don’t know what to look for. Some sites may be illegal and sell counterfeit drugs. They may look exactly like the real drugs but are not. The food and drug administration (FDA) says be cautious and weary if no prescription is needed, if there is no pharmacy phone number or if prices are dramatically lower. There is good news, there are some sites that are reputable; make sure you do your homework and find out which ones. Make sure the sites are in the u.s. and it’s important to look for the vipps logo. The FDA states that websites that are vipps approved are legitimate. To find out which pharmacies are legit go to And for more info about purchasing medications online go to Remember prevention, it begins with you.

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