Jawonio – Advancing the Independence of People with Disabilities or Special Needs

JawonioBarbara Ficarra will be back live in the studios on January 12, 2007! Barbara’s guests include: Barbara Blattstein, Director of Diagnostics and Health Services and Jill Warner, Assistant Executive Director for Programs from Jawonio of Rockland County, New York. Jawonio’s mission is to “advance the independence, well-being and equality of people with disabilities or special needs.” Tune in on Friday, January 12th to learn all about the comprehensive services provided at Jawonio.

For more information about the comprehensive services at Jawonio, go to Jawonio.org. The number is (845) 634-4648, and for further information about the Diagnostics and Health Services you can reach Barbara Blattstein via email at: Barbara.blattstein@Jawonio.org.

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