HuffPost Readers Comments and Concerns-BPA Plastic Bottles: Are They Safe?

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

My recent blog on The Huffington Post, “BPA Plastic Bottles:  Are They Safe?” elicited insightful thoughts and concerns from the readers.

Do you worry that harmful chemicals leach out of plastic containers into its contents? Are plastic containers toxic? Do you drink from plastic water bottles? Are you concerned about the safety of plastics?

Here are a few of the comments from The Huffington Post:  (Total Comments:  50)

Acleacius 11:18 AM on 2/02/2011
Defiantly good to be concerned and for the most part as long as the plastic doesn’t have heat applied to it or something acidic stored in it, probably fairly safe, well imo.  It’s a very good idea to use as little plastic as possible and to use glass bottles to put your water in, but plastic is probably ok as long as you use the water quickly and don’t leave it somewhere hot.

CVLady55 12:21 PM on 2/04/2011
Plastics are a wonderful invention for the safety industry. Let’s have them help us and not hurt us. Excellent uses for plastics include helmets, security windows, riot shields, electronic¬s, etc. Please just keep them away from my food and beverages. My mother-in-law cooks her Turkey, Pot Roast, etc. in a plastic oven bag; this has always freaked me out. The food is just as juicy and tasty roasted in ceramic or glass pan with a lid. And never ever ever microwave plastic! I really don’t care what the “facts” are, science is always contradicting itself. If there is any risk at all, I prefer to just avoid it.

David Parillo 11:09 AM on 2/02/2011
It’s real easy: Don’t use plastic.

Vegan Girl 06:38 PM on 2/02/2011
Can you do that? I am trying to do that but it isn’t easy. Shampoo, tofu, toothpaste and such — they all come with plastic packaging. Otherwise, I am plastic-free! Oh, and I think I am typing this using plastic buttons on my computer…

nsieber 10:39 AM on 2/02/2011
I really appreciate this article – well balanced, not alarmist

Etudiant 02:15 PM on 2/02/2011
Amen to that: thanks for a balanced presentation. Discussions of food safety and nutrition are so often carried away by emotion and ideology.

thereisonlyoneparty 12:50 AM on 2/03/2011
Plastic is the only reason that we are as we are right now.  Plastic allowed for advances in food packaging, storage, and safety.  Plus all the benefits in medicine.  There are issues with plastics, but that does not mean that they are unsafe or wasteful.  It is what it is.  Plastic has revolutionized the world.  And wasteful, huh?  Is that not relative?  You are wasting lots of energy with your computer.  I wonder where that energy comes from.  Hopefully you are just wasting solar or wind energy and not something like coal or gas that negatively affects the environment more.

If you’re interested you can find out what other readers are saying here.

Thank you all very much for your insights and concerns.

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