Huffingtonpost Readers Comment on Heart Attack Post

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

I recently posted a blog, “Do You Know the Signs of a Real Life Heart Attack, Not the Hollywood Version?” on Huffingtonpost and I thought I would share a few comments that the blog received from Huffingtonpost readers.

Thank you to the HuffPo readers for their comments and thanks to those readers for re-tweeting the blog on Twitter.

Here are a few comments from the HuffPo readers as well as my replies.

HuffPo Reader “Montymarie” comments:

“Every last one of those symptoms are symptoms for something else.

I have diabetes. If I called 911 everytime I felt weak and broke into a sweat, the local ambulance service would be refusing to answer my call, and complaining to some county judge by now.

Nausea and vomiting – flu
Chest pain – gas
Anxiety – haven’t taken my meds for manic/depression yet

Sorry. I’ll just have to die.”

HuffPo Blogger Barbara replies:

Hi Montymarie,

Thanks so much for your comments. You make a good point in that these symptoms can mimic other conditions. That’s why it’s really important for people to know their bodies and to take charge of their health. The message with this blog was to stress how important it is to recognize that heart attack signs and symptoms can be extremely different than what you see on TV. Sometimes, the symptoms are minor, as it was in the case with my family member. I wish you the best of health.



HuffPo Reader “feyangel” comments:

“This is a good awareness article, and I agree– if I called 911 everytime I had any of these symptoms, I’d be in ER all the time. I have asthma, get reflux under stress and generally get all the neck-shoulder-arm pain stuff everytime I look at my bank accounts or have to deal with my work. I know we need to pay attention, but we also need to know our bodies well enough to be able to tell when something is happening that is UNUSUAL for us.”

HuffPo Blogger Barbara replies:

Hi feyangel,

Thanks so much for your comments. You also make some good points. It is true that these symptoms can mimic other conditions, but like you said, “…we also need to know our bodies…” And, that’s the critical piece. Best of health to you.



HuffPo Reader “Dynamohum” comments:

“I thought that too, until I had a “massive” heart attack in 2007. I had “unusual” symptoms that did NOT quite fit a heart attack profile. Even talked to my doctor on the phone who thought I WAS NOT having a heart attack. Finally, I felt so odd and anxietous that I called 911. The EMTS said I was having a “major” heart attack. I needed a stent placement on my anterior descending artery, right on the heart. It was totally blocked.

My doctor and I thought that the discomfort I had been feeling was from a weight workout the day before. It was not. I now have an ejection fraction of 39-41 which is “MODERATE” heart damage.”

HuffPo Blogger Barbara replies:

Hi Dynamohum,

I hope all is well with you and thank you so much for sharing your story. Knowing your body is really important and understanding that the “Hollywood” type heart attack isn’t the only kind. You listened to your body and were able to get treated immediately. Thanks for sharing. I wish you the best of health.



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