Telehealth, Mobile and Gaming: Transforming the Health Care Landscape

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

Cutting-edge technology is transforming the health care landscape.  Gaming, mobile and telehealth allow consumers to become engaged in their health care.

A few technology articles from around the web are worth reading. From TechCrunch, to FierceHealthIT, to Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers addressing “Games for Health” to Healthin30 which includes a four part series on gaming;  “How is Gaming Changing the Landscape in Health Care?”

FierceHealthIT (FierceMobile Health Care)

Smartphone-powered monitoring to hit 3M users by 2016

February 2, 2012 | By Sara Jackson

“Remote patient monitoring with smartphone connectivity is set to skyrocket in the next few years, according to the latest study by British research firm Juniper Research. The study projects that by 2016, more than 3 million patients will be using remote monitoring devices that transmit data via smartphone.

The big drivers of the market are the growing number of peripheral devices for monitoring patient data–from wearable biometric sensors to testing and diagnostic plug-ins–and smartphones’ increasing processing power, researchers concluded.” Full Article on FierceHealthIT >


Mobile Technology Is Transforming The Health Industry, But To What Extent?

January 16, 2012 | By Rip Empson

“Obviously, consumer protection is extremely important when it comes to medical applications and devices, but as always, that leads to regulation, and overregulation, which in turn can impede innovation. Getting ahead of the curve now in terms of regulating devices and apps is of utmost importance, as long as we find the right balance between keeping patients and consumers safe and allowing for the requisite envelope-pushing and innovation.”  Full Article on TechCrunch>


Preview of Articles| Launch February 2012

Research, Development, and Clinical Applications Volume 1, Number 1, 2011 © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI: 10.1089/g4h.2011.0003 Editor-in-Chief, Bill Ferguson, PhD

Games? Seriously! A Candid Conversation with Ben Sawyer, Co-Founder, Digitalmill

The GH4 Interview – Bill Ferguson, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

Why Games for Health Now?

Moderator: Bill Ferguson, PhD
Participants: Tom Baranowski, PhD, Peter Bingham, MD, Debra Lieberman, PhD, Ernie Medina, Jr., DrPH, Jesse Schell, MS, and Sam Yohannan, PT, MS

Using an Avatar-Based Simulation to Train Families to Motivate Veterans with Post-Deployment Stress to Seek Help at the VA

Glenn Albright, PhD, Ron Goldman, BBA, Kristen M. Shockley, PhD, Fiona McDevitt, LMSW, and Sam Akabas, MSW


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Do you feel telehealth, mobile and gaming are transforming the health care landscape?  How?  Please share your insightful thoughts below in the comment section.

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