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    The Social network is all about connecting, with patient,s, colleagues, business professionals, and  researchers. It provides a sense of transparency which is often lost behind the walls of large institutions and insurance companies. I enjoy practice very much, but what is it exactly that I enjoy?  Well in my practice as a podiatrist, I of course find enormous satisfaction in relieving a persons pain, or resolving an infection or playing a role in the healing of a chronic wound. Those are all amazing things to get up in the morning to do, but it is he daily interactions with my patients and colleagues that is truly fulfilling. The social network only increases that feeling. It takes all of the “not so fun stuff” away. When I socially network, I can speak to thousands of people at one time, I can receive instant feedback and suggestions, or answers to questions. It is one of the greatest tools, if used properly and not exploited. I have encouraged many health professionals from doctors to nurses to radiology techs to utilize the social network and reach outside of constraints of their physical practice, it has greatly enhanced my practice experience, I hope to see you in cyberspace soon.

    Dr. Alec Hochstein
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