Top Stories About Patients, Doctors and Nurses

By Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA

Here are a few of the top Healthin30 posts that focus on patients, doctors and nurses.  Thank you for your insightful comments and for posting them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Patient, the Most Important Part of the Medical Team

Are patients the most important part of the medical team?  Find out what the experts think. Full Post […]

Rules of Patient Engagement: How to Deeply Connect with Empathy

Find out why empathy is essential in medicine. Full Post […]

When Doctors and Nurses Work Together

Find out why the relationship between doctors and nurses is critical for patient care. Full Post […]

Empowered Patient: Bring a Family Member or Friend with you to Your Doctor’s Appointment

Find out how to maximize your doctor’s visit (or other health care provider). Full Post […]

Doctor-Nurse Relationship: How to Energize and Engage the Doctor and Nurse Team

Find out how to avoid a fractured doctor-nurse team and why a great doctor-nurse relationship is critical for quality patient care. Full Post […]

Doctor-Patient Relationship: How Patients Can Help Enhance Communication

Find out how patients can help enhance communication with their doctors and other practitioners. Full Post […]

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