Are Reading Food Labels Enough?

By Barbara Ficarra

Eating healthy may take more than just reading the food label. Sure, the label itself looks healthy; the packaging and the wording are precisely constructed. take this for example, if you’re walking through the bread aisle and you see wording on a label, “heart healthy,” “winner best food award” given by a popular magazine, “100% whole wheat”, “40% fiber in 2 slices,” and “22 grams of whole grains per slice,” most likely would buy it, why not? it seems healthy enough. But, is it healthy? Turn to the back and read the ingredients. Reading the ingredients is more important than reading the label. The first 2 ingredients are okay, “whole wheat flour” and “water,” but the next ingredient isn’t so healthy; “high fructose corn syrup.” So remember, make sure the next time you’re out food shopping, read the ingredients, not just the label. You may be surprised at what you find. Healthy nutrition is vital! Remember, prevention, it begins with you.

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