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Hot Digs! How to get your Bathroom Date Ready and Keep your Love Life Healthy…
By Krista Watterworth
Host & Designer on HGTV’s “Save My Bath”
Saturdays at 1:00 PM EST

(Health in 30 has covered many serious, in-depth health topics that we decided to lighten things up a bit with this article by Krista Watterworth.)

When a date comes over to your apartment or home, your entire living space is seen as an extension of yourself – particularly the bathroom. It’s the one room where your date will be alone to do some last minute primping or to snoop! The bathroom is a HUGE indicator for how you take care of yourself, a reflection of your lifestyle and personal style. Believe it or not – the bathroom is a place where dates are looking for signs that would be indicative of how you’d be in a relationship!

Here are some tips for setting the right mood and creating the best impression:

Guys: Keepin it on the down-low…

This seems like an obvious one but clean & tidy is the way to go – minimize the clutter you’ve accumulated, clean the toilet seat thoroughly (and don’t forget the floor around the toilet!) and no more whiskers in the sink!

Get rid of all the typical “guy stuff” that you’d normally leave lying around – you know what they are!

Go through your medicine cabinet & just make sure to remove any potentially embarrassing products.

Get some fresh new towels & bath mat that coordinate with the bathroom – neutral colors are great or just plain crisp white. And be sure they are washed and not matted with hair, mold or other unsightly science projects.

Bad lighting can turn good make up into a bad date! The bathroom is where she’s primping to look her best and good lighting is key, from the number of fixtures & their placement to what kind of lightbulb you choose. Consider soft, warm bulbs that stimulate natural light instead of harsh white or, best yet, install a dimmer.

Bathroom art can reflect your personal sense of style – display just a single piece of driftwood, a seashell from your favorite beach or a print of your favorite artist. Just remember less is more and scale is important (that means don’t hang a 5×7 photo on a 6 ft x 6 ft wall).

Candles – get just one nice scented candle or even a simple tealight. That let’s her know that you do have a romantic side!

Always keep some floss & mouthwash on hand for her in case she wants to freshen for smooches & also a spare toothbrush just in case.

Girls: Show him the sugar and spice…

Guys will think you are high maintenance if the vanity is filled with beauty products so downsize! I’m sure there are many expired products in your medicine cabinet so this is a great excuse to spring clean.

Get rid of all the typical girly stuff that you’d normally leave lying around – you know what they are!

Remove any potentially embarrassing products from sight.

Bad lighting can also turn a confident dude into a nervous wreck! The bathroom is where he’s making sure that he looks his best for you.

How about framing some cool black and white photography in a wall collage to show your sophisticated, artsy side.

The new Phillips LED candles are great for ambience, and they don’t require fire. You can save that for each other…

For some sensual scents, try Bath & Bodyworks Wall Flowers in musky aromas to stimulate that wild side.

Remember, be safe and always follow your heart. No matter what or who you are, share it with honesty… but a little mystery makes life an adventure.

Krista Watterworth
Host & Designer
HGTV’s “Save My Bath”
Saturdays at 1:00 PM

Link to show schedule:,3120,HGTV_27456_49918,00.html

About the Author:

Design and lifestyle guru, Krista Watterworth, is the energetic host of HGTV’s hit show “Save My Bath,” now in its fourth season. As lead designer, co-producer and host of the show, she has helped transform over 52 of America’s ugliest bathrooms into contemporary, functional and beautiful spaces. She is also founder and lead designer of Urboeclectic Design. A designer “for the people and of the people,” Krista believes your home should reflect who you are, not someone else’s idea of who you are. She teaches simple ways to personalize your space and makes decorating fun, easy, affordable and less complicated.

A small town girl from Connecticut, Krista studied art and art history as an undergrad and was also involved in the editorial and commercial fashion industry as a print model for many years in Miami, Chicago, New York and London. She received her master’s degree in fine art from New School University in New York City. While Krista has no formal training, her vivacious and fun-loving personality coupled with her gift for design and uncanny natural ability to transform spaces into inspired havens through simple, creative steps has captured a loyal fan base.

With an eye towards producing, Krista is currently developing two new shows, both of which she will also host and create designs for — “20 Questions Design” and “Inspired Urban Spaces.”  She is also developing biopic based on a family story and a sequel to “The Pope of Greenwich Village”.

Krista starred in and co-produced a web-series sitcom called “Lydia” and co-starred in the horror-thriller “Urchin,” now in distribution by Mad Cat Films, and “Wired City,” a pilot starring One Life to Live’s, Forbes March. She was recently featured on HGTV’s “You Should Live Here,” and has had guest starring roles on “25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes” (HGTV), “As the World Turns” (CBS) and “All My Children” (ABC).

According to Krista, acting is like designing in that you have to delve into the heart and spirit of a person or a character to find out their intimate secrets and then create an entire world around that.

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