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Tips on Making the Bathroom as Romantic as Possible for the Arrival of St. Valentines!
By Krista Watterworth Host & Designer on HGTV’s “Save My Bath” Now on Primetime Fridays at 9:30 p.m. EST

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air. This year why not make the spirit of St. Valentine last by turning your boring bathroom into an enchanting love nest?  Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is the most intimate shared space in the home. Don’t let a blasé bathroom hinder your love life!  Enhance romance with a red-hot loo makeover — send your bathroom a valentine you can enjoy year-round!

According to Krista Watterworth, Host and Designer of HGTV’s hit show, “Save My Bath”, now filming its third season, “A few simple changes can increase intimacy no matter what your interior decorating style (or time of the year).” Try these seven amorous touches to get your water closet in the mood. Whether you redo your whole bathroom or add just a few romantic tweaks, decorating with love in mind is sure to spice things up. Now pour the champagne, nibble on those chocolates and enjoy that Valentine’s Day feeling all year-round. Your love life will thank you.

1.  Scents make sense! Get some scented candles or plug in wall scent ports or diffusers in romantic smells. Rose or chocolate flavors from Bath & Bodyworks are really delicious plug ins that will continue to waif through the air for weeks.

2.  Light my fire baby! Create a “hearts on fire” display with Christmas lights. Choose a wall that is at least 4 feet from a major water source and create a “light box”. Buy some u-shaped nails (often used by your cable guy) and affix the wire to the wall in a heart shape. Plug it in and you’ve got a cool piece of light art that brings some warmth to the space. Candles, candles and candles.

3.  TP can inspire! Renovacolors.com provides toilet paper in bright colors, which are perfect for the holidays. Its non toxic and biodegradable. How cool is that!

4.  Color it up! Don’t be afraid of color. Why not paint an accent wall in your bathroom a Valentines red or pink.  You may love it so much you keep it all year long! Romantic Red by Benjamin Moore is a fabulous rich red, and Tropical Pink is a beautiful, bright pink that will give your space that dreamy, romantic flair.

5.  Art is Easy! Buy yourself four 24 x 24 canvases at your local Michael’s Craft Store. Also get some acrylic paints in four different bright, warm and passionate colors – red, orange and gold – as well as a four large paint brushes. And have fun! Saturate each canvas with one color, mixing in some black or white for light or dark variations, let them dry and hang them with pride! You can even move them to another room after the holiday.

6.  Accessorize like crazy! Geo Bath Accessories by Studio sold at JC Penny in the color Cranapple or Purple Pizzaz will give your space that touch of romance. As well as the Reversible Rug by Studio in the same colors.

7.  Seal it with a kiss!  Personalize your fantasy by naming the bathroom with a sign on the door or written on the mirror above the sink or even on the bathroom tile with children’s crayons or soap.  Lovers Lane, Jane loves Dick, whatever floats your boat!  You can also use magnetized picture frames and have pictures around the room of you and your loved one.  And most importantly, don’t forget to leave a non-breakable bowel on the sink or edge of the tub with some tic-tacs for that special kiss.

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